Everyone has questions…….we got answers! Here are the some of the most common questions you might run into.

Is My Personal Information and Credit Card Information Safe to Transmit on This Site?

Yes, absolutely. We take a great many measures of advanced proportions to secure the safety of transactions in regards to protecting your information. All data, including your personal info and credit card info is processed via PCI secured servers, using 128 - bit encryption technology. Equating to security protocol that provides the safety of 128 times more protection than if it were processed in a standard transaction, such as in a retail store or restaurant, where encryption is not the norm. Suffice it to say, we take your security very, very seriously.

Where is My Tracking Number?

When your order ships, you will receive an email letting you know it’s on the move, and your tracking number will be included. If you created an account with us, you can login at any time to check the status of your order, and if it has shipped, your tracking number can be found there.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Depending of your location, shipping time is anywhere from 3 - 10 days.

Do You Offer International Shipping?

Yes we do! However, it should be known that it can take anywhere between 7 - 45 days, depending on the country. Upon the customer’s request, we will ship just about anywhere, however we can’t take responsibility for lost packages, or those that are seized by customs.

Option not available in the drop down menu?

The selection you would like may be out of stock. Most items are restocked within 2-3 weeks. Juice can normally be restocked within 1-2 weeks.

Not sure which coils are compatible?

Most listings for tanks and even kits will list the compatible coils and have a link to the listing. You can always reach us via email as well.

International Customer having trouble with age verification?

For your billing address, please use your country as the billing address, this will solve the issue.

Concerned about customs and importation laws?

We ask that all our customers be aware of their own countries regulations and importation laws. Please keep in mind that DHL and FedEx are the most strict in regards to shipping of items.

Declined Order that charged your account?

Any online attempted transaction will place a hold on the funds with your bank. Because the order(s) declined, we have not accepted the funds. Your bank does need to process the attempt(s), however. Once your bank has finished processing the pre-authorized hold(s) the funds will return to your account. This generally takes banks 1-5 business days on their end.

How can I pay for the order?

We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard. All transactions will be ran as credit.

Do you accept PayPal?

We do not accept PayPal as a form of payment.

Can I use a gift card or pre-paid card?

Yes. Please note, ALL refunds issued will be to the card used to place the order. This is a no exception rule. Please keep your card in case you need to utilize the return policy. Also, it is best to register the card online so that there is a billing address attached to the card. Registering the card prior to placing an order will help alleviate check out issues.



Processing Status:


1. Why hasn’t my order shipped?

We do have a processing time of 24-72 hours on all orders. If you have not received an email in regards to your order, your order is processing without issue and will ship out as soon as possible. However, most orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

2. How can I change something on my order?

Please email us as soon as possible so that we may attempt to make this any changes, including your order number and the specifics of the change you would like to make. Changes to the order can postpone processing times. Changes cannot always be made. Once an order has been sent to our shipping department, we are unable to pull it back to make changes of any kind.


Order has shipped:


1. What are business days?

Business days are Monday – Friday.A

2. How can I change the address?

You would need to contact the carrier of your shipment in regards to rerouting the address. Miss Ell’s Korner & Vapes is not responsible for any charges you may incur as a result of any shipping adjustments.

3. USPS has not updated my tracking.

USPS does not always update their tracking once an order has been shipped until it reaches the destination city. Please do not be alarmed.

4. My FedEx package was not delivered Saturday.

We do not offer Saturday delivery. All shipping methods are in business days.

5. My international order has not been delivered yet.

Please keep in mind the delivery time frames and customs clearance processing times. Please contact your customs agency. Miss Ell’s Korner & Vapes is not responsible for any duties or taxes due at customs. If your package is seized by customs due to your countries importation laws, Miss Ell’s Korner & Vapes will not be held responsible for the cost of the order. Please be aware of your own countries importation laws prior to placing orders.

6. My package may be lost.

Please reach out to your shipping carrier to file a claim once the package has exceeded its shipping time frame. Once you have filed a claim, you can inform us of this issue with the claim number.


Order Delivered:


There was something wrong with my order.

Any erroneous shipping errors must be reported within 24 hours of the last tracking update. This includes wrong items, incorrect items or package not being delivered.

How can I return something?

We do have a 7 day return policy. Please email us in regards to any issues you may be having. The more detail you are able to provide, the more expedient the situation can be handled.




How Do I Contact Miss Ell’s Korner & Vapes?

By Email: ms_mj2006@miss-ells-korner.com  or jharvey@miss-ells-korner.com are the best way, however, we are always up for chatting over social media!



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